Submission for #mixandgamejam (Mix and Game Jam)

Recommend to play on Windows natively


2D Platformer using Enderpearl-like mechanic from Minecraft. 

Played with mouse and keyboard. You just need to go to the right and avoid the spikes. 

Controls are shown game but for clarity: 
A and D lets you move. Left mouse button for firing. Spacebar or W for jumping.

Feedback is appreciated. 



So you have to specify the author in your project: 

Music from 

"Chill" by Kevin MacLeod ( 

"Backed Vibes" by Kevin MacLeod ( 

"Babylon" by Kevin MacLeod ( 

License: CC BY (

Explosions and Bullet Sprite:

Other assets Public Domain. Message me if you want to know more


Install instructions

Message me if you have problems running the .exe file. HTML file would work but you'd need to click to activate the window


Download 49 MB


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wow, this is almost as good as my new game coming out, Deltarune™ coming out on December 31st, 2020 only @ the Epic Games Store! make sure you preorder its $60! 


Congratulation, man! I told this, as 28old man, who fail LDJam because want too many features...