Submission for Community Game Jam! (Jam Length: 1 Week)

Theme: The Game Is A Liar


A top-down shooter about upgrading your ship in between waves. Constructive criticism welcomed but be nice >.<

This is my first game jam entry! Thank you so much for playing my game! I recommend trying the downloaded version if there's issues with the WebGL build (mouse sensitivity) 


  • WASD to move
  • Q to open up pause
  • Spacebar to select
  • Mouse to aim and shoot
  • Press R to Restart
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
TagsShoot 'Em Up


Download 21 MB


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I couldn't make it past the 5th way, will the society accept me? 

A good touch on the theme, prototype art is understandable considering the time of Jam.

nice work!

hah very nice :) I love the "depth" of the sound effects. no idea how you did that. the post processing on the visuals was cool too. Also, nothing quite like an upgrade screen that lies ;) well done.



oh, hi